Klanghaus Untergreith in Styria is dedicated to art and culture across borders and genres. We focus particularly on non-urban and public spaces, connecting artists, cultural actors and audiences in participative cultural processes.

RADIO AGORA Carinthia & Styria the only non-commercial private radio station in Carinthia. There is no advertising and the programmes are conducted in multiple languages, particularly German, Slovene, Italian and English and created by free radio producers from all age-groups and social backgrounds. For the Slovenian community, there are twelve hours of Slovene-language programmes every day. Radio Agora and Klanghaus Untergreith enjoy a long-standing collaborative relationship. www.agora.at

Stazione di Topolò in Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a cultural initiative led by Moreno Miorelli in a small village above Cividale, close to the Slovene border, which hosts the annual festival Stazione di Topolò every summer. The village is profoundly marked by history and culture, protected by the surrounding forests and mountains from light pollution and, as a border area between the former Yugoslavia and Italy that was entirely cut off from the surrounding areas for the entire duration of the cold war, it is entirely unique in the region. www.stazioneditopolo.it

Sajeta Festival SI is run by Zveza Mink Tolmin and takes place each year in Tolmin and at the Sotocje, the confluence of the Soca and Tagliamento rivers. The location is an ideal natural setting for artistic, cultural and reflective engagement with natural darkness, for performances, presentions and interactive workshops for a broad audience. www.sajeta.org

Mani d.o.o. HR in Hrelji, Istria, has at its disposal an artistic space in a very small village at the heart of the peninsula. Hrelji 45 is a fitting retreat for a deeper engagement with the need for darkness as well as an ideal location for artist residencies, symposia and performance events. Mani doo is firmly committed to border-crossing inter-disciplinary cultural diversity and the communication of contemporary artistic practice to audiences across the region. cultureinistria.wordpress.com

Villa for Forest in Klagenfurt / Celovec in Carinthia is committed to providing a space and platform for the creation of contemporary and innovative art forms ranging from performative to applied and visual arts, literature and music. Freer, improvisation-based music including but not limited to jazz, new music, new folk music etc. has become more central in recent years and transformed the organisation Innenhofkultur into one of the most significant organisers in the region and across borders branching in their inimitable style into Slovenia, northern Italy and Croatia. innenhofkultur.at

ORF OE1 Kunstradio, Usmaradio & Centre for Radiophonic Studies in San Marino, Radio Helsinki Graz. Public and free radio stations are particularly important partners in Slow Light – Seeking Darkness. They not only disseminate the Radio Agora podcasts and artistic contributions but also act both as a communication channel and as a unique and intimate artistic and creative platform which acts as a stage for acoustic engagements with various aspects of the need for darkness for both artists and listeners. www.kunstradio.at www.usmaradio.org helsinki.at

BG-BRG (senior school) St. Martin in Villach will implement the pilot project CHIP – cultural hybrid interactive platform – with students. The hybrid digital space developed by Klanghaus enables schoolchildren, teachers and artists to explore trans-disciplinary aspects of darkness collaboratively in a unique interactive setting.

Kärnter Kulturstiftung The fundamental idea of the Carinthian Cultural Foundation is position art and culture at the centre of society on an individual and collective level. Art and culture are essential for the human spirit but also contribute greatly to strengthening regional identity through innovative future strategies and have a sustainable effect on the cultural future of our region. www.kulturstiftung.at