Roberto Paci Dalò
Roberto Paci Dalò composer, improviser, performer (clarinets, electronics), film-maker, theatre-maker, visual and sound artist, radio wizard, author. His work has been presented worldwide and won him international admiration from – among the others – John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov. Since 1985 co-founder and director of Giardini Pensili and he created in 1995 the web art ..
Mia Zabelka
Austrian violinist, vocalist and composer Mia Zabelka is at the forefront of international electro-acoustic performance art. She developed her unique musical language in a process she calls “automatic playing”, where the music grows out of her body and gestures and finds its expression in her electric violin with electronic devices, alien objects, vocals, and/or acoustic ..
Tibor Szemző
Tibor Szemző (born 1955, Budapest, Hungary) is a Hungarian composer, performer and media artist. Szemző was born in Budapest in 1955. He began his musical studies at the Kodály method school at the age of six and graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Music. Szemzö formed his own trio (later a quartet), and in 1979 ..
Viv Corringham
Viv Corringham is a British singer, composer, walker and listener, who studied and worked with Pauline Oliveros for many years, and holds a Certificate to teach Deep Listening. Her work includes concerts, soundwalks, radio and audio installations, exploring people’s sense of place and the link with personal history and memory.
Lydia Lunch
Lydia Lunch is passionate, confrontational and bold. Whether attacking the patriarchy and their pornographic war mongering, turning the sexual into the political or whispering a love song to the broken hearted, her fierce energy and rapid fire delivery lend testament to her warrior nature. Queen of No Wave, muse of The Cinema of Transgression, writer, ..
Zahra Mani
Zahra Mani is a musician and composer from Pakistan and London. She lives and works in Austria (since 2001) and also spends time in the UK, Croatia and Pakistan. Her work includes compositions for solo instruments, voices and ensembles, radio art, sound installations as well as electro-acoustic and inter-medial performances. Her concert activities include live ..
Jaka Berger
Jaka Berger is one of the most active, creative and versatile drummers, composers and improvisers on the Slovenian music scene in the last ten years. In 2006 he released his debut album with Samo Šalamon and Achille Succi for Italian label Splasch records. Since 2014 till today he is regularly publishing music for prepared drums ..
Isabelle Duthoit
Isabelle Duthoit is a vocalist and clarinettist who completed her clarinet studies at the CNSM in Lyon in Jacques Di Donato’s class. She quickly turned to contemporary music, working with  composers (G. Aperghis, G. Amy, D. D“Adamo, K. Huber …) She then found her favourite universe in free improvisation. She plays and collaborates with many ..
Sebastian Leopold
Sebastian Leopold is a musician and soundartist based in Vienna. After three years of internationally working as an engineer, he settled down to set up his own workshop where he could focus on building sounding objects and installations. His fascination for vibrating strings, membranes, blocks and blobs shows in his workpieces, which experiment with the ..
Patrizia Olivia
Patrizia Oliva ist Sängerin, Autorin, Improvisatorin und Klangforscherin, die Musik schafft, die die Grenzen zwischen Elektronik, Elektroakustik, Free Jazz und Perfromance Kunst verschmelzen lässt.
Stefan Frauenberger
Stefan Fraunberger engages in electro-acoustic dialogue with different instruments, beings and agencies beyond nature and culture. By investigating embodied understandings of the uncanny, his work touches on time, matter, memory and transition. Approaching music as a sonic language of things, one connecting physical entities and interior states of being, lies at the core of his ..
Alessandro Fogar
Alessandro Fogar works in the field of electronic music and multimedia art, with a marked interest in natural sounds, soundscapes, spatialization and interactive systems. He has explored various approaches to sound generation, recording and production, the resulting compositions are often studies in transforming, mutating existing sounds. The techniques range from the construction of original instrument ..
Jaka Berger
Jaka Berger is one of the most active, creative and verstile drummers, composers and improvisers on slovenian music scene in the last ten years. In 2006 he released his debut album with Samo Šalamon and Achille Succi for italian label Splasch records. Since 2014 till today he is regulary publishing music for prepared drums that he is ..
Mag Agren
MAG, is a solo project of Magdalena Ågren. She is using trombone, megaphone, voice, homemade electronics, loops, and drum machine all at once to build her music from scratch. From the smallest simple element, it grows into a gigantic dystopian lo-fi orchestra. Sometimes restrained and suggestive, sometimes chaotic and wild. Mag’s music is an act ..