Isabelle Duthoit

25. September 2021

Isabelle Duthoit is a vocalist and clarinettist who completed her clarinet studies at the CNSM in Lyon in Jacques Di Donato’s class. She quickly turned to contemporary music, working with  composers (G. Aperghis, G. Amy, D. D“Adamo, K. Huber …) She then found her favourite universe in free improvisation. She plays and collaborates with many artists of the international experimental scene.
She has always been interested in the voice and has been developing a unique and personal voice technique for almost 20 years. A language before language, a voice of origin. To listen to Isabelle Duthoit is to experience a voice that says nothing, but which actualises the primary sensations linked to sound, to the intimacy of sound, and which we perceive much more through our skin than through our ears. …. writes Lê Quan Ninh