Roberto Paci Dalò

29. September 2021

Roberto Paci Dalò composer, improviser, performer (clarinets, electronics), film-maker, theatre-maker, visual and sound artist, radio wizard, author. His work has been presented worldwide and won him international admiration from – among the others – John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov. Since 1985 co-founder and director of Giardini Pensili and he created in 1995 the web art radio Radio Lada. Collaborations include Kronos Quartet, Joëlle Léandre, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, Terry Riley, David Moss, Fennesz, Robert Lippok, Akio Suzuki, Stefano Scodanibbio, Robert Lippok, Scanner, Giorgio Agamben, Patrizia Valduga, Predrag Matvejevic’, Gabriele Frasca. Professor of Interaction Design at UNIRSM Design (Republic of San Marino) where he is founder and director of Usmaradio. His latest book is Ombre (Quodlibet 2019).